Products & services

VMI Logistics

Purchase VMI: Help manufacturers achieve zero-inventory management and JIT distribution, in order to ensure smooth production, maximize efficiency and optimise costs.

Sale VMI:Help brands and agents with their security-inventory management, producte validity management, and terminal sales-data analysis, so as to reduce costs, ensure on-time delivery, optimize the inventory structure, and increase profits.

Purchasing VMI services

Advantageous service:safty stock pre-alarm, automatic replenishment, JIT distribution, unified settlement

Regular service:order management/bulk sorting/scanning/labeling or re-labeling/secondary packaging, etc.

Selling VMI services

Advantageous service:store sales-data analysis/safty stock pre-alarm/automatic replenishment notice/product validity management/stores maintenance

Regular service: order management/rolling seal/return and replacement/payment collecting/scanning/ labeling or re-labeling/secondary packaging, etc.