Products & services

International logistics

Eternal Asia, thanks to its networks throughout the United States, Australia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, etc., has well integrated the global quality agent resources. It has been committed to providing long-term, professional service of international logistics and customs clearance logistics to multinational companies,large and medium-sized enterprises, thus facilitating its partners to develop globally.

Bonded Service

Eternal Asia has established an all-round bonded logistics platform in the major economic areas in China (the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Area around the Bohai Sea, and the Southwest Regional Centre), including bonded zones, bonded logistics parks, bonded ports, free trade areas, known as one of the enterprises boasting most the comprehensive bonded logistics network in China. Eternal Asia, eligible for various preferential customs policies within the special regulatory zones, endeavors to provide customers with customized bonded logistics services.