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E-commerce Logistics

Eternal Asia provides the integrated storage-distribution e-commerce logistics service, thus enabling consumers to enjoy “speed-up” shopping experience, and helping e-commerce providers and enterprises reduce costs, enhance trustworthiness, and increase profits.

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· Eternal Asia has docking development strategies among the self-built system, the third-party e-commerce system, and the e-commerce platform, and well integrated such links as order, warehousing, sorting, distribution, return and replacement, after-sale service, based on the fast response to the order.

· In terms of household appliances and supplies, bathroom products and other large items, Eternal Asia provides the integrated service of installation and delivery, with the full-visualized control.

· In the days of December 11, June 18, the Spring Festival, and other e-commerce festival promotion, the warehouses across the country make full preparation ahead of time, in order to cater to customers’ needs at peak hours.

· The e-commerce team of Eternal Asia helps e-commerce enterprises with their online operations and other business activities.

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logistics distribution: B2B Trunk Distribution and urban distribution, B2C electricity supplier distribution

sales, VMI: order management, sorting, distribution, collection, return, store maintenance, store sales data analysis, security inventory warning, automatic replenishment notice, product effectiveness management

value-added services: sales execution, consignment (online and offline channel sharing), supply chain finance,

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Tqcm: yiyatong by lowering the efficiency of distribution stores logistics scale and experience to help customers improve distribution efficiency, reduce logistics cost of

Optimization: EA using terminal retail inventory data, the accurate prediction of the market demand, help enterprise reasonable allocation of safety inventory and production plan

sales promotion: EA has perfect online and offline distribution channel resources, sales execution, agency services, help to increase sales of

funding requirements: provides supply chain financing and other financial services to ease financial pressure and help enterprises to develop