Transportation Services

Eternal Asia Logistics overland transport used for the whole car, green, personal motor transport, with more than 3,000 transport vehicles. Trucks are enclosed box-type truck, to ensure customer cargo security. Currently, all vehicles have been using our self-developed TMS system, enabling the vehicle, cargo process monitoring.


Eternal Asia Logistics vehicles owned vehicles, mostly vans and closed vans and other vehicles meet the safety requirements, fully enclosed, the recruitment of drivers are very familiar with the local delivery routes.


In addition to using their own vehicles, EA contracted while using the vehicle to meet the growing demand for logistics. Contract vehicles are rigorously assess Eternal Asia Logistics, requiring good vehicle performance, service life were less than 2 years, the tonnage of 3-5 tons more closed box-type truck or van, it also complies with the requirements of the different transport

National Transport Service Network
33Regional transit platform 35Highway trunk 350Feeder roads

The National Dispatching Center is located in Shanghai, with 33 regional transit platforms, 35 highway trunk lines for convection operation and 350 highway branch lines

  • B2B distribution operation
  • B2C distribution operation
  • Regional distribution operation
  • Large chain of super distribution
  • ity "last mile" all kinds of stores distribution

Vehicle Management System (TMS System)

  • Real-time vehicle control
  • Optimization of?transport routes
  • Real-time with orders
  • Real-time sign
  • Aging Statistics