2016 500 Chinese enterprises list released, Eternal Asia won the award again!

writer : time : 2016-09-06 16:50:25

August 20, 2016 afternoon, 2016 Summit Forum of China's top 500 enterprises in Changsha kicked off. China Enterprise Confederation, China Entrepreneurs Association released 2016 top 500 Chinese enterprises, China's top 500 manufacturing enterprises, 500 service enterprises in China, China's top 100 transnational corporations list.

From the list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, service industry accounted for 40.53% revenue share, manufacturing revenue fell to 39.17%, service industry revenue accounted for the first time than the manufacturing sector. China Enterprise Confederation, China Entrepreneurs Association, Wang Zhongyu that: from the list, the top 500 Chinese enterprises continue to weaken the heavy chemical features, accelerate the development of modern service industry. In the policy and the dual drive of the market, the manufacturing enterprises of service-oriented development has become the trend.

Eternal Asia as a leading enterprise in China's supply chain, with revenue of 39.9 billion yuan in 2015 results topped the "Top 20 Chinese Enterprises 500" 330, "2016 China's top 500 service enterprises," 112 of the two list. Ms. Qiu Pu, Vice President of Eternal Asia Group, was invited to attend this forum on behalf of the company and discussed the innovation and transformation of the enterprise with other leaders of the top 500 enterprises.

Established nearly 20 years, Eternal Asia has been focused on supply chain professional services. In recent years, Yiyatong actively explore the supply chain thinking shared economic model innovation, and strive to build the core of the consumer to improve the supply chain service platform for the carrier, the new Internet technology and supply chain services, to build five service platforms, Logistics services, financial institutions, value-added service providers and other major groups, is committed to creating a cross-border integration, platform sharing, communion and symbiosis of the O2O supply chain business ( Ecosphere.