Focus depth: Eternal Asia and Huaihua city government signed the "Eternal Asia Huaihua deep logistics and business center" project cooperation agreement

writer : time : 2016-10-10 18:00:18

In 2016 August, by the Huaihua Municipal People's Government at the invitation of the People's Government of Hunan Province, hosted by the People's Government of Hunan province comprehensive economic and trade activities - 2016 (Shanghai) Investment and Trade Fair, and at the meeting with the Huaihua city government signed " Huaihua deep logistics and business center "project cooperation agreement. Huaihua

The 2016 Investment & Trade Fair of Hunan Province is a comprehensive economic and trade activity sponsored by the Hunan Provincial People's Government. It was held in Shanghai and its surrounding areas from August 16th to 20th. The focus of this year's conference is closely linked to supply-side structural reform, green development and other topics, docking Yangtze River Delta strategic emerging industries and modern service industry, industrial structure optimization. Yiyatong depth supply chain logistics group vice president of 380 Wang Wenhui on behalf of the company attended the ceremony.

During the meeting, Wang and vice mayor of Huaihua City, Zhang Xia, director of the Economic Development Zone, Ren Wu Han-depth study of supply chain services as a carrier, logistics-based, Internet-sharing means of business model. The two sides to promote the construction of the southwest first-class trade logistics base, build integrated supply chain service platform to drive the traditional market, traditional commerce, traditional logistics transformation and regional trade logistics resources, effective integration, fundamentally enhance economic development zone and Huaihua Trade Logistics The development level and level of industry.

Eternal Asia is China's leading supply chain enterprises, has been ranked top 500 Chinese enterprises for six consecutive years, this will be located in Huaihua Huaihua City's economic development have a positive impact. Huaihua City Government and the Eternal Asia's Huaihua Xinhuo Supply Chain Co., Ltd., Eternal Asia-depth Logistics Co., Ltd. signed the "Eternal Asia-depth logistics and trade center Huaihua" construction projects attach great importance to the project as a key project in Hunan Province and in accordance with national policy to give Support, in order to encourage the Eurasian deep logistics settled in Huaihua.

After entering the park, Eternal Asia will combine the strategic advantages of the Group and bring into play the integration, sharing and innovation mechanism to build intelligent ecosystems in Huaihua and its surrounding areas, and promote the innovation and development of related industries with local enterprises. "Eternal Asia-depth logistics and business center" will introduce and build a modern logistics core area, intelligent three-dimensional storage service area, modern business service area, and through government policy guide to solve the local trade logistics industry "scattered, chaotic and poor" status quo.